About The Pink Hound Co.

You're probably wondering..."Why on Earth is Your Boutique Named The Pink Hound Co"?  Well, let me tell you!  I've wanted to open a boutique for a long time,  so that I could make my own T-shirts and custom items, but also carry boutique clothing and accessories. (I could probably open one out of my closet honestly but shhhh...). Besides loving clothes and obvious things such as your family (most days ha!) I thought...what else do you love?  Then it came to me...I love my animals...all animals but especially my hounds.  Once I realized my hounds were up there with my family, the name The Pink Hound Co. just popped in my head and it stuck.  I jumped on a creative app, which I had no clue how to use and made a logo and the rest is history!  My children and my husband have joined me and we've made The Pink Hound Co. a family affair.  They enjoy it as much as I do, they just don't enjoy my hounds as much as me!
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